Day In the Life

What is a Family?

Your family is whatever you have decided to define as family.   By blood, marriage, or intention, your family includes whomever you have decided to include.


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Which day in the life of our family?

This should be a simple day, a day when everyone is present.  Not a holiday, a celebration day, or a special event day.  That doesn’t mean everyone is locked in the house all day, but it should constitute a representative day in your family’s life: it can include trips to the market, to games, to the park, to the ocean, whatever or wherever your day includes.


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What is the result?

What we are creating in our day together is an artistic documentary collection of still photos.  You will receive a full set (Minimum – 75) of edited, high-quality photos (suitable for print) that tell the story of the day.

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What can I do with the photos?

The photos are yours to use as you will:  create prints to hang on your wall, create a book to give as a gift, post them on your family web page or social media…use them any way your imagination desires.

Do you also record videos as well as still photographs?

I do not record videos during these sessions.  Videography is a different art form, requiring a very different flow to the day and a different way of interacting.  I have chosen to focus on still photography as the best medium for creating this particular documentary art form.

What happens when we book a session?

Once you have decided to book a session, we set two dates.

The first is a short meeting, usually a day or two before the photo session, to see each other face-to-face.  We make sure all the people involved have a chance to see this person (myself) who is going to be present with a camera for an entire day.  It also gives me a chance to see what the lighting looks like in the space where the day begins.  It gives us a chance to answer questions and set ground rules for our interactions.  It is important to address questions about consent and privacy so that we can ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

The second date is the actual photo shoot.  We will agree on a time that works for your family, but I like to be there as early as the earliest riser begins their day.  The plan is to stay until the day ends for your family.  The session  typically lasts somewhere between 14 and 16 hours.


Interested?  Questions about pricing or process?    Want to book a “Day in the Life” session? 

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