As DJ Zanzibar, I work with the Los Angeles Dance Collective (LADC) to create a weekly social dance.

LADC is a non-profit collective of dedicated movers who share a love of music, dance, and soulful inquiry.

The LADC was formed with a desire to provide a welcoming space for everyone… dancers and non-dancers, all ages, shapes and backgrounds who want to explore their inner dancer.

Coming from many different movement modalities, the movement facilitators (or DJs) dreamt of opening up the borders of “dance” and facilitating free form expression;  recognizing the healing power of “allowing “ one’s dance to emerge from a deeper, internal resource.

I have been exploring and experimenting with musical genres since my days in college radio and bring this musical sensibility together with my exploration in dance (ecstatic dance, authentic movement and contact improvisation ) to create a holistic journey for body, mind and emotion.

“The music and the floor are insistent partners in the dance; so it is my responsibility as a facilitator to create a landscape which offers both freedom and fascination; to provide a palette and a canvas where the dancer can express individually and participate in the communal expression.”


Experience the music I use to facilitate these experiences on Spotify HERE.