The Art Of Family

fam·i·ly  ·  /ˈfam(ə)lē/ ·  a group of people connected to one another by blood, marriage, or intention.


The Art of Family

This offering is about your family; about the ways in which you design your family, and about the way your family is shaped by each individual and each relationship.

As a witness to what is unique about you, I and my camera offer to spend a full day with your family to capture that day through the art of photography.

An ordinary day, a day filled with simple unscripted moments; captured in a collection of photos reflecting the beauty inherent in this most fundamental of human structures. The focus is the moments in between;  capturing the simple art of family.

I am a father of three adult children who have dispersed across the continent; and it’s not the special days, but the common ones, that I miss the most.  It is that longing that inspired this project.


“I like the way you worked with composition, light and focal blur/clear to bring me back to this day we spent together. You captured our RITUAL in a poetic way. And you generously shared a story of our routines that may have been forgotten- and to this- I am eternally grateful because I am sentimental and an archivist. Our entire family daily rhythm did come alive in your pictures.”


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