The interrupted man

I have said I am broken
but what is it to be whole
what is the story of the uninterrupted man
does he love completely
live fearlessly
take hold of the world and change its shape
is an unbroken man the undeniable master of his own life
or the unconscious perpetrator of a thousand banal horrors
Is the whole man yet a boy, is the breaking itself the lost initiation rite
I have said I am broken
and do not know what a man should be
Should I have killed the beast within
or saddled it
Tell me please, because
my beast is a starved thing, huddling in dark corners, unable to lend its strength
If not whole, what then remains?
Innumerable parts dispersed across years and the crumbling self and the disintegrating present? the unstructured man?
I have said I am broken
and will have it no other way

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